About CommonGround 

CommonGround is a group of farm women who volunteer their time to share information about farming and food. More than 200 women from nearly 20 states, including Minnesota, volunteer with CommonGround. 

Together, this group of women raises a variety of conventional and organic crops, livestock and produce. We share our personal experiences, as well as science and research, to help you sort through the myths and misinformation surrounding food and farming.

We hope you’ll join the conversation.


MN agriculture fast facts

  • Farm land: Nearly 26 million acres (51% of total land area)

  • Number of farms in Minnesota: 68,822

  • Average Minnesota farm size: 371 acres*

  • 96% of farms and ranches are family owned

  • Average age of a Minnesota farmer: 58 years old

  • Nationally, 36% of all farmers are women

    *1 acre is about the size of a football field
    Sources: MN Department of Agriculture, US Department of Agriculture



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