Workshop Agenda

Monday, June 19
3:00 pm – 5 pm          Cargill Food Innovation Center; Tour and Q&A (Plymouth, MN)

The Minneapolis Research and Development Center, which recently opened in fall 2016, is a $25 million, 100,000 square foot facility featuring molecular biology labs, advanced analytical and materials research laboratories, test kitchens and a pilot production plant. The center is home to about 200 scientists working on projects to transform the marketplace, from improving food safety to developing new food ingredients that meet consumer expectations for simple, nutritious options. A tour of the facility will be followed by a Q&A session with Cargill food scientists.

5:30 pm – 7 pm          BLVD Kitchen and Bar (Minnetonka, MN)

Get to know your fellow women in agriculture at a relaxing dinner, hosted by CommonGround Minnesota.

Tuesday, June 20
8:00 am          Welcome/Introductions                                           
                        CommonGround Minnesota: What’s Next? (Meghan Doyle; CommonGround Minnesota)

Eight years, more than 200 volunteers, and millions of conversations. The CommonGround program has made an impact in large cities and rural communities across the country and right here in Minnesota thanks to the passion and dedication of volunteers. Let’s celebrate those achievements and look ahead at what’s next for the program.

9:00 am          Inside the Minds of Influencers: The Truth About Trust (Donna Moenning; Center for Food Integrity)

Partnering with digital ethnography pioneers MotivIndex, this first-of-its-kind consumer research identifies five Consumer Types and those that are most influential, providing much deeper insights into their values, motivations, concerns, emotional triggers, and more. The approach also shares how and where influencers connect online, emerging trends, trusted brands and sources, and channels they use to shape their beliefs and opinions about food and agriculture – information that provides helpful insights on how to effectively engage and have meaningful conversations.

10:00 am        Break

10:15 am         Find Your Voice: Tackling Complex Issues (John Himle; Himle, Rapp, and Company)

There is a huge appetite for information among consumers and a motivation to act on that information – to use the power of social media and other tools to change or shape behaviours, policy, and regulations. For example, fundamental shifts in what consumers expect from brands has significantly changed the landscape for food companies. And while farmers may be at the start of the supply chain, they’re frequently squeezed in the middle when it comes to demands from food companies and consumers. We’ll explore these types of issues, and strategies to engage and communicate.

11:00 am         Video: Kick Butt and Stand Out (Erica Hanna; Puke Rainbows

From Facebook live and beyond… video is a tool that’s being used more and more. But tackling video content can be a bit overwhelming. We’ll go through the do’s and don’ts, how to identify ‘good’ content, look prepared, and how even the most mundane shot can resonate with a huge audience. Confront the fear of real-time viewer interactions, see examples of who is doing it right, and learn how to make sure your content isn’t boring folks to tears. Basically, you’ll learn to kick some video butt.

Noon         Lunch, Open Discussion                                                           

1:00 pm      Workshop Ends

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