Workshop Agenda

Click here for a pdf version of the CommonGround Minnesota workshop agenda

All Monday activities will take place at the Radisson Hotel Minneapolis/St. Paul North.

2:30 pm Welcome/Introductions (Meghan Doyle, CommonGround Minnesota)
Focus Group Preview

Focus groups are designed to identify feelings, perceptions, and thoughts of consumers about a particular product, service or topic. During the workshop, attendees will be observing two focus groups via livestream.

 3 pm Focus Groups
Focus Group 1: Twin Cities food influencers
Focus Group 2: Twin Cities urban/suburban moms

Moderated by Donna Moenning with the Center for Food Integrity, each focus group will be having a candid conversation about food, farming and their perceptions of Minnesota agriculture.

5:30 – 6 pm Focus Group Recap/Housekeeping (Meghan Doyle, CommonGround Minnesota)

Now what? We’ll talk through what we was shared in each focus group, and how that information helps build a better understanding of different consumer audiences and can also help guide future conversations about farming and food.

6:15–8 pm Dinner at AXELS (Restaurant is adjacent to hotel. Reservation is under Meghan Doyle-CommonGround) 

Let’s keep the conversation going! Get to know your fellow women in agriculture at a relaxing dinner, hosted by CommonGround Minnesota.

All Tuesday activities will take place at The Bell Museum.

7:30 - 8 am Breakfast

 8 am Welcome Back (Meghan Doyle, CommonGround Minnesota)
Having Conversations with Impact

The CommonGround program has grown and evolved nationally and at a state level over the past decade. Let’s celebrate achievements and the passion and dedication of program volunteers, and look ahead at what’s next for CommonGround Minnesota.

9 - 11 am              Engage: Earning Trust in Gene Editing (Donna Moenning, Center for Food Integrity)

Gene editing offers tremendous potential to solve challenges in food production. Are you ready to engage in the conversation? This interactive training provides comprehensive, research-based insights to help those communicating about gene editing in food production.

11 am – Noon    Lunch/Break                                                  

Noon – 1 pm Cultivating Resiliency for Women in Agriculture (Megan Roberts, University of Minnesota Extension)

Research shows women on the farm have unique needs when it comes to stress management. This session will offer insights into that research, tips for self-care and communication in the midst of navigating busy farm life, and recommended strategies for women to reduce stress and increase joy.

 1 - 2 pm Food Trends: What’s fading and what’s on the horizon?
Stephanie Hansen, Co-Host of the ‘Weekly Dish’ and Host of @MakersofMN
Stephanie March, Co-Host of the ‘Weekly Dish and MSP Magazine Senior Editor, Food & Dining

Consumer demand has a significant impact on agriculture and food production. In our final session, we’ll cover current and future food trends and discuss what’s next in food from a consumer perspective and what expectations might be for how that food is produced.

 2 pm Closing Comments/Workshop Ends

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